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How to change weapon icons

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So you have just downloaded a bunch of new weapon mods and installed them into your game, but you loaded up SAMP and started to use one of the guns with a mod that you've installed. But then you notice that the weapon icon in the top right of the screen is absolutely dreadful - it looks like something out of a horror movie, and so you want to change it. This guide will walk you through how to go about doing that.

Step one - download TXDWorkshop

The first thing that you will need to do is download TXDWorkshop - a piece of software that allows you to edit the TXD files within the GTA San Andreas directory. You can download the software here - note that it is merely a folder within a zip file, and does not require installation, so it is important that you extract the zip file to somewhere safe and memorable, where you will not forget it. Personally, I extracted the folder onto my games folder on my D drive. Do note that it does not have to be extracted to your GTA installation directory.


Once extracted, the contents of the folder in question should look something like this:


Double click on txdworkshop.exe. This will run the software.


Step two - open the TXD file

Now you have downloaded TXDWorkshop, you are ready to begin using it to its full advantage. Once you are in the software, you need to open the TXD file in question. Say for example you have downloaded a weapon pack and decided to install a few of the guns, but you do not like the default icons the pack comes with, and instead would like to replace the icon with a different one (that you have already found). In this sample, we shall be using the Desert Eagle.


The weapon will have two files: desert_eagle.dff and desert_eagle.txd - the last file, desert_eagle.txd is the only important file to us. On the TXDWorkshop window, press the button on the middle column that says 'Open TXD', as highlighted below in yellow.


After doing so, you need to locate the desert_eagle.txd file that we mentioned earlier. Once you have imported this file, you will see the following in the TXDWorkshop window:



Step three - import the icon

As you can see in the above image, the second option down in the centre column (the one below the blue highlighted entry) is a picture of the weapon icon. Upon selecting that entry, you then need to press 'Import' on the toolbar above the column, at the top of the program.


After doing so, a window will pop up, allowing you to select the image you wish to replace the icon with. The supported file types tend to be .bmp.tga, and .png. Once you have selected the image that you want to use for the weapon, click 'Open' in the popup dialog and it will replace the image you have in the workshop.


Step four - double check the properties

After importing the image, the properties may not be correct. Usually with icons from packs, the properties are all set up properly, but if it is an icon that you have created yourself, it may not be correctly named. If this is the case, you must ensure that the details are correct, otherwise the icon will not display correctly in-game. Firstly, whilst the new icon is highlighted in TXDWorkshop, click 'properties' along the top navigation bar, as highlighted in yellow.


A window will pop up titled 'Image Properties'. In the example of the Desert Eagle, the name and alpha entries must be desert_eagleicon and desert_eagleicona respectively. Generally, you should just ensure that the name and alpha are identical to the way they were before you replaced the image, so it is a good rule of thumb to take a note of it beforehand. Here is a correct example:



Step five - click save!

Once you have completed all of the aforementioned steps, you are done and dusted. Just press the 'Save TXD' button along the top navigation bar and you have finished. Doing this will save over the TXD file that you imported, so you are ready to drag and drop it into the modloader once more, or import it into the correct area using an IMG editor such as ALCIs. 


I hope that you were able to make some use of this tutorial. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave them down below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Useful for beginner modders, good job.

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