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David Weiler

[Guide] How to donate with Bitcoin

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David Weiler

This is a frequently asked question. It may not be supported in every country, therefore, I will offer two ways. 


How does it work? 


Here's what I know though.

1. You have a wallet which is basically an account, but you don't sign up for it. It's like a file that you are meant to keep secure (this is more advanced though, there are sites where you can just register & you're good).
2. Your wallet has a list of sending and receiving addresses (e.g  16EoDzXqajrkvUKWY1GgEQZ3ze83CYQ2Db)
3. For sending bitcoins you need a receiving address from the person that you want to send to. This basically means, you enter Rehasher address which is (16EoDzXqajrkvUKWY1GgEQZ3ze83CYQ2Db) and you fill the amount then send.


Here's how it looks to send bitcoins.



How do I see the Bitcoin and USD exchange rates? 

Remember, you're not sending 1 bitcoin because that's too much...

Visit www.preev.com. It will help you convert $5 donation to bitcoin. 

Whatever the value was at the time of donation will be what you get in coins.


How to buy bitcoin?


Visit www.localbitcoins.com.

I do not know how to use the website, but I am going to assume this. 

Find a guy with very positive feedback and is near your location. And I guess, meet up?



This is probably the best option, but is limited to many countries.

It will automatically create your wallet + secure it. You can buy bitcoins and send them very easily with this.

Visit www.coinbase.com.


Here's how it looks to send bitcoins on coinbase.



Rehasher bitcoin address?




Reply below if anyone has other information regarding Bitcoin.  



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Personally, I believe it's a pretty damn good idea to allow us to donate with Bitcoin. Currently, I do know it's not possible to donate with Bitcoin. I'm unsure if this was posted in the wrong section or not, but I personally see this as both bad and good for the same reason.


Recently, the price of Bitcoin has been raising exponentially. Therefore, let's say a person donates $5 worth of Bitcoin today. If the price of Bitcoin continues to rise, that $5 worth may turn into $50 worth or something like that. Yet, Bitcoin has a history of rising high then crashing. If that were the case, that $5 worth may turn into only $2 worth.


Allowing Bitcoin to be donated with could be extremely profitable for the server or extremely harmful for it.

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