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Matthew Rivera

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Matthew Juan Rivera's 2001 mugshot.


Matthew Juan Rivera (born November 3rd, 1971) is a Mexican-American, and an non-validated member of the Nuestra Familia prison gang. He was charged & convicted in 1998 for a armed robbery he was to serve five years, and it is alleged that during his time in prison he was active in prison gang politics however he was never validated as a member of Nuestra Familia regardless of his status within prison.



Matthew Juan Rivera is a bilingual speaking Mexican American who heavily identifies with the Chicano subculture of Northern San Andreas. His family are Mexican Americans who have lived in Northern San Andreas since the days of Cesar Chavez who was an labor leader and civil rights activist who to Matthew's parents was very influential that someone was able to and was brave enough to stand up for the working Mexican immigrants that were in the northern areas of San Andreas. Later on it would be a pinnacle inspiring figure to Matthew's choices in his work as a career criminal.

Most of his family in the United States in general live in the slums of Hashbury, San Fierro. Eastern San Fierro, and the Concord Valley. He has very distant contact with his family outside of his immediate family.

His family has a very long history of neglect, family violence,  criminal activity, street gang membership, incarceration in the United States and with this cycle being a pinnacle reason why he later makes and deems commitment to the Nuestra Familia and demonstrates down deadly loyalty to the organization.

He personally is a career criminal who was born in the San Fierro Medical Center in Santa Flora district in November 1971 and was raised in the Hashbury, San Fierro. Throughout the course of his childhood and adolescence.

He was an incarcerated member of the Hashbury Locotes 14 street gang somewhere in between the years 2000 and 2001 he had participated in a prison riot that resulted in the death of three inmates (which he did not commit) and as a result for committing violence for the benefit of a gang which the riot was perceived racially provoked it was numbed down to a gang related riot during the hearing at court and Matthew was charged and re-convicted of assault with a deadly weapon a penalty of four years. He was placed on another unit called the Secure Housing Unit, for prisoners who were too dangerous to be housed together with others.


It was during this time he was inducted and fully given membership into Nuestra Familia after proving his worth to the organization after the riot.


In 2005, he was released from prison on parole. Where he still maintained trafficking in dope and being assigned to the local regimental commander for San Fierro. Matthew stayed off the radar by utilizing his girlfriends home to hide the narcotics and staying in a shelter.


With the assistance of his girlfriend Maria he was able to keep the drugs hidden there while keeping a good profile with his parole officer, and his regimental commander. Matthew being a soldier for the Nuestra Familia was hard but at the same time exciting for him, he found himself addicted to the adrenaline rush, and soon it would catch up with him.


In 2007 he was relieved of parole and enhanced his criminal activity however his regimental commander was murdered by an Mara Salvatrucha gang member from the Mission District, and in retaliation Rivera orchestrated the murder of the Mara Salvatrucha gang member with the coordination of other members from his regiment in swift retaliation. The retaliatory hit was done days after the murder of the Nuestra Raza regimental commander. Rivera's trail went cold on the radar after 2009 before resurfacing in late 2017.

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good shit, like the story.

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