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The Big Intrapreneur Suggestion

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So in this suggestion, I am going to bring up a few KEY features that should be added IG, not straight away but in the future.


Loan Shark

The issue with loans is simple, you sign an OOC contract and then you give out say $30,000 to a random stranger, yet there's no security for them actually namechanging / quiting the server or hiding simply. There's nothing you can really do except call an admin and bring it into an OOC situation. There needs to be a system set up, say you want to give out loans to people, make your own "bank" shall we say. Set up a little business for it. There should be a system implemented for that specific reason. A server has never offered a chance for players to use other banks / use a proper loan shark. Loans should be simple. You can apply for a loan with this so-called player set up company and then you sign a contract.


The contract will include the Loan price.







The only issue is the player cannot go inactive, if the player goes inactive there has to be a way to get your money back. There HAS to be away, an option is, you would be given access via an Admin to seize their possessions (It would be your own fault / your own liability for applying for the loan in the first place). If not there would have to be a Government fund or simply a fund to be given back the money, I know the whole point is you should lose money sometimes and things, just like real life but if you want it to work properly and build up yet another separate economy and another separate introduction to unique roleplay you have to give back. This is a simple suggestion, don't criticize it too much, trying to find roleplay opportunities in the mists of creativity.


Car Dealership


buycar (ID). There's a Huntley for sale for $54,000. You went to have a look at it and you thought it's a great deal so you've just bought a Huntley for $54,000 instead of $80,000, you're winning and the owner of the business is winning.


*Car ID 3 is for sale - $54,000.*


So it would be a simple message on top of the car, you can then sort out if you want to buy it or not.


This option would only be available for a certain few people that want to run a business, they would have to own a business in the first place to be able to set it up. They would then be able to buy cars and have them permanently displayed outside their business, it would let people come up and buy the cars without having to interact and gives them an opportunity to buy something without having to wait X-AMOUNT of days for the person to log IG. This also opens the opportunity for business owners for the car dealership to have a successful car dealership, he could sell cars and open up adverts for the business or advertise it on local news / IC information on the forums. This cuts out a big process which is EXTREMELY tedious and will literally give people the opportunity to be able to buy and sell cars in a better way than before, it's unique. As simple as that.

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So in this suggestion, I am going to bring up you really want helper

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