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[Boss] Tatianna Fueller

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Account Name: Tatianna fueller


Time & Date of the Incident: A few days ago


Ban Reason: 

Not here to RP, immature behaviour.



So, yeah. Me and some friends of mine were trolling around the server, looking for reasons to kill people. We werent that happy of where the server had went, but we still continued to stay active on the server.

Yes I did kill players for the simplest reason, and I am so sorry.

All Im asking for is another chance, I dont even have any ajails. 

Again, I am so sorry players, staff, admins if I made the experience on the server bad.

So sorry, I want another chance.


Supporting Evidence: N/A

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I banned you on Wednesday. Like I said, re-appeal in a month (July 11). You are already failing to follow simple instructions. 

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