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Faction Management Discussion Group

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The Faction Management team has considered suggestions they recieved and added our their own ideas into them and came up with a system, which we decided to call Faction Management Discussion Group.

The Faction Management Discussion Group (FMDG) will serve as a space for the community to express their opinion on various faction-related discussions and suggestions. We are currently hiring a handful of individuals who are experienced in factions-related matters. The members of FMDG will be kept up-to-date with any updates or suggestions regarding factions that come up, and will have space to discuss them with the staff team. Their opinion is going to be respected and taken into consideration when implementing new features or deciding on various matters.


Requirements to join FMDG:

- Atleast 20 hours ingame

- Past experience in factions

- The ability to speak the English language fluently

- Not currently being a leader of any faction on Bay Area Roleplay


There is no application format, you might want to include whatever you think will raise your chances of being accepted into the Faction Management Discussion Group system. Anyone who is interested should forward a Private Message to sick.

The applicants are handpicked, judging by:

- Past experience

- Maturity

- The ability to express your opinion and statement

- Overall effort put into the application

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