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Store money, ammo (later drugs) on the ground

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My understanding is that for someone to give another player ammo or money they have to be next to each other. To help expand role-play I propose being able to store the item on the ground like you can currently do with weapons. This gives players the ability to do dead drops, which will make drug and weapon dealing more interesting.


I believe the pictures below are suitable to represent the item placed on the floor. 1/2 for money, 3 for ammo and 4 for drugs. Weapons already have their own model. 




briefcase [1210] on the light backgroundCJ_MONEY_BAG [1550] on the light background19832_w.jpgWhite bag with drugs (drug_white) [1575] on the light background


Obviously, dead drops in real life don't have a code. If someone sees the dead drop happening they can take it (like the cash drop park scene in Sons of Anarchy). However, in order to make players utilize this feature I suggest the ability to have a four digit code attached to it. They will set this code when placing it and when the other party picks it up they must use the same code.  After X amount of time the code can run out. Alternatively, players will be able to choose to not set a code. 



The current timer for weapons stored on the ground is 10 minutes. However, this is too short for what you are risking and makes it unsuitable for dead drops, as you have to tell the other party where the product is after you have dropped it. I believe the timer for weapons, drugs, money and ammo should all be 1 or 2 hours minimum. The player who placed the dead drop should receive two warnings - the first 15 minute before the item is unlocked (obviously no alert if no code set) and one 15 minutes before the package despawns. 


To prevent trolling (for example, someone places 1000 $1 bills on the floor) I think only 3/4 items should be able to be placed on the floor.  



Not really necessary but I think the command for this should be something like

/deaddrop [money/ammo type/cash/weapon name] [amount] [code]

For ease of use, the weapon name should be one word (this has been a slight issue when buying a "Colt 45" at the gun store, where it tells you to type "Colt 45" but this buys a Colt with 45 bullets). So, for example, Colt45, or AK47. Ammo type would be like "9" or "762", which isn't perfect but I think is the easiest method. If no code wishes to be set then players should type 0000. 


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100% supporting this, although I do see an issue, players can camp the deaddrop and wait for the person to snatch it, I do suppose it creates a risk level. Adding this also makes the deals more sleezy, creating more advanced scam RP, which I do admit will be alot easier with this.
Perhaps add a /wire [Player_ID] [amount] command at the bank, so players can set up deaddrops from over the phone.

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