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Akira Nguyen - Accepting death in the middle of RP

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Player Name: 

Claudio Giancana


Reported Player:

Akira Nguyen


Time & Date: 

6:45 PM - 30/MAY/2018



Accepting death in the middle of RP.



So, John Donovan hired me and two of my members to help him out and hunt down Akira. It was pretty hard for us to bait the girl out and slam her head since we knew she were armed so we decided to kill her. After we did, while Paul started frisking her she instantly accepted death so we wouldn't take her gun from her, she had a colt on her which we should be getting from the scene.



All the pictures are here:



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A few things I've noticed:


Claudio and Paul are both level 2s, however Santino is Level 3. You cannot rob a player unless you are Level 3. You argued with me in-game about the conclusion of the report, there is no evidence of "rage-quitting," and threatened to make a staff report on me for not finalizing the report in your favor.


Closing due to lack of evidence, and arguing with me in-game. Akira was allowed to accept death as well considering the extent of injuries taken in-game.

[14:54:35] [Report: 6]{FF9900} Paul_Giancana (6) reported Akira_Nguyen (1):  She accepted her death to avoid beind robbed.
[14:54:35] [Report: 4]{FF9900} Claudio_Giancana (4) reported Akira_Nguyen (1):  Accepting death while roleplaying.
[14:54:35] [Report: 12]{FF9900} Santino_Giancana (12) reported: ID 1 did /respawnme while she was being frisked.


The rest of the logs I will retain for myself. Thank you. 🙂

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