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Martin Lewis, Jay Reese [MG - DM]

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Player Name: 

Ricky Wong.


Reported Player:

Martin Lewis and Jay Reese.


Time & Date: 

00:00:00 - DD/MM/YEAR (of the incident) 



Metagaming and Deathmatch.


A while ago, yesterday probably, I beat the shit out of this Martin Lewis with my friend (we were both masked). He comes back today, fifteen minutes ago and kills me. Dude was like "Remember me?", fuck no I don't. When I told him that I was masked that time, he said that he recognizes my voice, so you just spot somebody walking by the street, you pull up and kill him because you FUCKING recognize his voice, pure Metagaming I'd say. In addition, they said that they also recognize my clothes, dear, this shit gives me a headache. Just because you don't change your skin, doesn't mean you don't change your clothes IC'ly. When you wear a mask, you don't recognize me from another guy, wearing the same exact skin, and a mask. I think you might want to add Revenge Killing to this. 

NOTE: These guys were also reported by Carmine, check the last post. They killed him and another guy, and I guess including me. Dudes packed up and went cleaning the fucking server, I hope they are getting paid for their services. I'd say give them a temporary ban for Mass DM'ing.



 - check the thread first and what they are saying, what /PEOPLE/ are saying. Here are my screenshots meanwhile:



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Both players have already been banned.

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