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[Weapon] Ricky Wong

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Master Account Name: Igarro.
Character Name: Ricky Wong.

Item Lost: Desert Eagle with 177 bullets.
Brief description of how you lost the item: I had a Deagle that I bought recently stashed in my Sunrise (with a bat). When I wanted to take it, I did /takegun 2 (it was quite obvious for me that it's the second one, since the bat was there since a while now while I just added the pistol recently), but I got a baseball bat, I was quite confused honestly, so I did /check and then saw two bats in both slots 1 and 2 and the Deagle was gone. (I think I put the bat back after taking it, and after doing that, it took the pistol's slot too and became two bats).

Supporting Evidence: 







This happened like two days ago or something like that, not quite sure. Time and date can be seen on the screenshots. In the third screnshot, I had the gun stashed on my car, I was unarmed, but I just added that one to show you the time. I honestly don't have a screenshot of me storing my pistol in the vehicle, but you can try this by yourself if you have a gun and a bat, it's a bug that has to be fixed.

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Your refund appeal has been accepted

   ITEM: Desert Eagle
     QUANTITY (Optional): 177 ammos
  Contact an administrator In-Game for the refund. 

  Head of Refunds Mikee



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