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[Forums] Classified Advertisements

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Currently at the moment, it's difficult to navigate through the classified advertisements. I was just on the vehicle section and it's all so loose and cluttered with posts. It'd be nice if you put more sub-folders in.

For example:

Classified > Vehicle > Closed Sales

So you'd have a sub-folder with closed sales, closed meaning the poster has already got what they're looking for. This way it saves people clicking on every single one to see if it's still going or not. An admin would go in say every week or so to move things into the closed tab and it'd just look more organised. 


Closed if:

  • Has had no reply within 3 weeks
  • Thread starter has clearly told viewers he has found what he was looking for/sold what he is looking to sell


This seemed the best way to clean it, if anyone has a better way to make it look more professional, feel free to post below.

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