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[REL] San Francisco Gangland (Bay Area)

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This is one of my Single Player gangland mods that was very popular on LS-RP. Basically it replaces the default SA gangs with actual San Francisco gangs and puts them in their proper geographic area in San Fierro. It is mostly done through scripting and ped replacements. I did a lot of research on this to make it realistic and proper.

BETA 2 DOWNLOAD (Now works on Windows 7/8)



Mara Salvatrucha - Local gang in San Francisco that claims MS from LA and is located near the Mission District

Loco North Side - One of the Oldest Gangs in SF that consists of two Barrios in the Mission District... 24th St and 23rd St Nortenos... They Control the Upper Mission.

Wah Ching - A Gang of Chinese immigrants that fight with other Asian gangs in SF

Oakdale Mob - A Black Neighborhood Gang that wars with West Point Mobb... Has a Gang injunction

West Point Mobb - A Black gang that is located in Hunters Point... Extremely Dangerous...

La Raza Park - Another Norteno gang that mostly controls the park near the Mission District

Dolores Park Locos - A Gang of Local Norteno Drop Outs and Undesireables... Controls lower Mission District

Eddy Rock Gang - Players gang. Wars with Chopper City over turf and drug trade...

Jackson Street Boyz - Asian Tong that controls Chinatown... Started after the fall of the Woh Hop To Triads...

Chopper City - A Fairly New Black gang that started up to combat the Eddy Rock Gang...



Have Fun

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