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Murda Jay

Anas mabrouk ( Rule 12)

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Murda Jay

Player Name: Shaheed Dinero

Your character's name


Reported Player: Anas Mabrouk

Their character's name


Time & Date: 

7:31 pm - 5/21/2018 (of the incident) 



12. Miscellaneous Rules

Away From Keyboard (AFK): Do not AFK in public place or in any place where others can initiate roleplay with you

Avoiding Roleplay: Do not avoid or ignore roleplay by quitting the game or deliberately AFK-ing mid-roleplay

 Faction Rules of Engagement (RoE): Players involved with factions or groups must follow the RoE in this thread

Property Rules: Players who own or lease a property must follow the rules in this thread (TBA)

Admin Discretion: Admin may provide leniency toward punishment at their own discretion


Players who believed they were wrongly punished should contact the respective admin first out-of-the game, by providing new evidence that has not been reviewed yet. Reports against staff member should be sent via private message to the Head of Admins/Helpers respectively.

Which rules were broken?


Explanation: Clayton Simmons is a leader of the Atwater Avenue Boyz and I am the leader of the Lincoln Avenue Bloods and Clayton asked me to have a CK war with them and I killed Anas and he is refusing to CK here is the screenshots.

Explain the incident





And this is where Anas confirmed that he knew about it. 

[18:49:37] (( PM sent to Anas_Mabrouk [2]: You know we in a CK war right? ))
[18:49:39] * Shaheed Dinero stops the Admiral's engine.
[18:49:44] (( PM from Anas_Mabrouk [2]: ye ))
[18:49:45] (( Vince_Klerks [3]: fd thread will be huge when its done xd ))
[18:50:02] * Anas Mabrouk starts the Sanchez's engine.
[18:50:03] (( PM from Holly_Miller [6]: Just don't DM the entire group. ))

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@Anas has 24 hours to respond to this report.

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i just answered yes because i was running away from all of you and i wasn't reading carefully, i thought it was just a a normal faction war.

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I'm honestly done with the constant problems between both factions. I've been dealing with your guys' problems every single day.


The leaders from Atwater Avenue Boyz and Lincoln Avenue Bloods, send me a PM. We're going to be discussing a few things to end this feud because this is ending up to be a OOC problem.

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