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ABAS System.

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An Adaptive Behaviour Assessment System (ABAS) feature that's integrated in to the UCP for legal (or illegal) official factions would be a life safer. It's apparent that both the Police Department and Fire Department have issues with activity but no way to monitor it. The ABAS could also allow high-up members within the factions to monitor the members administrative punishments to prevent admins from needing to notify faction leaders of any punishment upon their members.


I originally suggested this to @Chilli943 and he approved although it's quite evidently not a priority, it'd be nice to have. I'll explain it further.


Basically the ABAS feature serves as a way to measure ones activity and any past/recent admin-related disciplinary action. The persons activity in-game is taken as a mean (average) and calculated for the past thirty days, so if I played for exactly ten-hours for the past thirty days then my ABAS Activity Rating would be 10.0 which allows legal factions to pose an activity requirement on members so lets say an average of 1.34 or they may be considered inactive. Members of the faction may only view the Activity Rating of those that posses a lower or the same rank and not higher. 


The ability to review admin-related disciplinary action would be exceptionally useful as it would allow for command members in legal factions to view any punishment their members had received and could possibly give them a notification if say a member is admin-jailed, banned or kicked for any reason other than 'AFK'. A feature could also be implemented for divisions such as Recruitment & Training which allow them to /authenticate/ applicants admin records in-case they used false or outdated versions of it.


What do you think?

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I agree, faction leaders should be able to monitor their member's activities and admin record.

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