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Brendan_James [Vehicle Ramming]

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Player Name: 

Josephus Roberts


Reported Player:

Brendan James


Time & Date: 

20:18:00 - 17/05/2018



Car Ramming



This guy stole my friend's bus while his game was crashed and drove off. I called 911 and followed it and he turned around and started ramming my bike with it. I think that's a bit Non RP and even if it isn't I have footage of him running over two other people (clearly swerving to purposefully hit one) and running over a car. I PMed him but he denies doing it.




[PMs denying it]

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Player will be ajailed for 15 minutes. 

The video is pretty clear but I'm going to give some benefit of the doubt on the argument that the server was experiencing server lag at that time. This means, I can't say for certain that the ramming was intentional. 

I hope Brendan takes this as firm warning. If he does anything similar to this in the future, he won't be treated so lightly.

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