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[Cross] Earl_Wintson - Wintson

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Account Name: 



Time & Date of the Incident: 

Server's opening day


Ban Reason: 




I was up to do some deliveries with the trucker job but that time there was a massive car ram and hit and run by annoying players around the map.

There was a chaos basicly happening around the trucker job / spawn.

When it was finally my turn to load up, when i drove on the checkpoint and start to load up someone rammed me from the side and i lost the control of my vehicle so it flipped, the admin though that i flipped it on purpose.

I can promise you that, it was not on purpose, Why would i want my money get wasted like that? In order to make the truck mission you need a truck, and at the start of the server noone had a truck. So, i dont think i was about to waste my cash like that.


Supporting Evidence: 




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