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Medical Licenses

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Upon joining the Fire Department in November, my largest assignment was to set up at a Medical Licensing Division for the future. I asked Rehasher and Pitchounette (HoF at the time) and they both approved it.


This topic serves as a reminder to them when they get a chance, obviously it’s not urgent but it would provide more roleplay between the Fire Department and the public and open various other roleplay opportunities for people who may want to practice medical roleplay but not have licensing.


i had planned for there to be three medical licenses that the public can apply for which were Basic Life Support (BLS), Intermediate Life Support (ILS) and the Practice Medicine License (PML) which I’m pretty sure there is a law in place in the penal code which requires such a license.


Any input is welcome. Anyone whose currently writing up “well this shouldn’t be handled by the Fire Department.” Just simply stop, we don’t live in an ideal world with a functioning government and active hospital sector (but we will soon). 

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