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Murda Jay

Alievsky Kolia ( Rule 4)

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Murda Jay

Player Name: Shaheed Dinero

Your character's name


Reported Player: Alievsky_Kolia

Their character's name

Time & Date: 

1:14am - 5/17/2018 (of the incident) 




4. Illegal Modifications, Exploits, and Bug Abusing

Players are not allowed to exploit SA:MP bugs, GTA bugs, glitches, game physics, or gamemode bugs under any circumstances. Usage of third party programs/tools or modification either to gain advantage over another player or bypassing the restriction of the server are also strictly forbidden.


 Repeatedly jumping to travel around faster (Bunnyhopping)
 Using animations to avoid damage, no-clipping inside walls or gaining infinite oxygen.
 Crouching to cancel default animations during a shootout or quick-scrolling to avoid reloading

— Using any kind of hacking programs

 Using script/tools/program to bypass any script restriction, such as Idle-AFK timer, etc.


If you believe that a player violated this rule, you must report the player accordingly or contact an admin. Failing to report or profiting from a hacker, bug abuser, or illegal modification can result in the same punishment.

Which rules were broken?


Explanation:  He is hacking.

Explain the incident



Evidence to support your report

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