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Report Admin Giga

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Your Name:

Jeff_Nowel  (Real name : Ionut Alex Andru)


Admin's Name:



Time & Date:

Today (5/16/2018   22:12Pm)


Me with a friend named Mickel_Jordan I entered the server. The boy is a Roman who does not understand what the giga said and apologized and apologize, and Giga wants to change his name (change my friend's name). after banning him. I asked him why he had banned him and he did not notice it and he saw it. Second time. My friend loved the server and changed his ip Giga detected it and gave him another ban. I was angry, I asked him kindly: "Why did you ban it and you banish all my friends entering the server after 2 minutes write" Alright then and then ban me.




Did you contact the admin?



I'm asking this admin to be held accountable.

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Admin reports can be sent to Rehasher via PM.

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