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[GOOPER] Public Transportations Are Important

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Public Transportations Are Important


Walking from home to a destination could be good for our health, but what if the distance is too long? San Fierro's tram is not enough to complete our void in public transportation. The tram is slow, how many days do we have to wait till we can get our nice and comfy seat of that tram?


The issue however, does not end like that. Attempts have been made like getting the bus work again, but still it doesn't complete us. Taxis are one of the fastest means of transport, it can get you there to there for like 15 to 20 minutes. Bus on the other hand is relatively slow, but faster than tram and we still need to follow the bus route which would kill our precious time.


If only the cab company got a reset, it would benefit us for sure. Low cost and faster speed are what they offered to us, but we can't simple have that for reason. For now, maybe speeding up the bus route or cutting some routes would make it faster.





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