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Business Phone

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Probably will be hard to implement, but I'd like to see some sort of business phone system. Sure, you can just call the owner on his/her cellphone, but an actual phone in the business that any employee can use would be a great addition. Business owners would be able to determine where they want to place the phone, and it should of course be combined with an actual phone object.






/bphspot - sets the place of the business phone (for business owners only).

/bph call [number] - calls someone via the business phone if standing in a close radius.

/bph pickup - picks up the business phone if standing in a close radius.

/bph hangup - hangs up the phone.

/bph (un)mute - mutes the phone input, they won't hear you.

/bph pass [ID] - passes the phone to someone else who's close to it/you.


- An /ame would be around the phone if someone's calling.

- All the phone bills would be for the business owner, no matter who uses it.

- If you'd walk too far away, the conversation would automatically end and the phone will be put back in place.

- /bphspot would force you to choose a phone object and place it near the set spot.


There's lots and lots of features I left out like blocking people, voicemail and even things like adding contacts which would all be possible - especially with modern phones like the one in the image below - but wouldn't really work without a special GUI made for business phones. If a GUI would be added (which would pop up when you're close to the phone) all these things could be added of course.





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