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[AP] Masked thugs roam the night looking for victims

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Associated Press


Masked thugs chase down an innocent civilian in the street

San Fierro (AP) the once lovely, lavish city which attracts tourists from all across the globe seems like a peaceful heaven in the daylight. At night, however, it descends into madness as masked thugs roam the streets looking for victims to rob of their personal belongings. SFPD lines fall on deaf ears, no beacon of hope for the civilians of this great city. AP has so far located a total of 12 reported robberies, rapes and assaults happening this Saturday night alone. The Associated Press' has also confirmed that an employee had also been robbed by the thugs who stole $500 from them. AP has also verified that they made a total of 6 (six) calls to the SFPD via 911, however, they were not helped during this time. 


AP reporters took a few pictures of the vehicle as it escaped from the scene and they were able to capture the registration plate as well:  2JZW345. The registration was provided to the SFPD via a phone call to the dispatch, however, no police department members called our reporter nor attended the scene. 



A black sedan the thugs escaped in

The Associated Press released a statement via Email to the local press regarding the incident. 

"We're horrified to hear that an employee has been robbed in San Fierro and we're working with that affected employee to assist her in her time of need. We're very concerned by reports of SFPD's clear and utter disregard for the safety of the public and we're closely monitoring the situation. In the meantime, we have put our employee on temporary paid leave until they feel they're comfortable to return to work. We will closely work with our partners to ensure the safety of our staff and we will reach out to the SFPD for a statement, as well as from the City Hall. " 


AP received no response from the SFPD nor the City Hall Press Team when asked for comment. 


Associated Press writers, Ian Howard and Jordan Reyez contributed to this report.


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Username: Clayface_Killah
Comment: Yo mah niggas out in Atwater Avenue represent, yall niggas know whassuh!

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Comment:Annnnnd Someone Did tell the cops...

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