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Increase trucker + fishing payment

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Currently trucker payments are awful and as a result no one does the job.


You can make 35k/hr at lumberjack if there's no one else doing it, whereas trucker has a fraction of that. The trucker job is more difficult and requires higher startup costs. 


I think the trucker job should pay at least double what it currently does.


Edit - Why not increase the fisherman job payment as well. Both of these jobs payout next to nothing when compared to lumberjack. Especially considering you have to buy your own bait for fisherman. 


Some people might suggest nerfing lumberjack, but the job grind is already bad enough. Why not just let these jobs pay out similar amounts? 


Edit 2 - A level system within both jobs would be nice. For example, with the fisherman job at level one you could only catch the basic fish, however with more casts you increase your level. With this level, you can catch better fish and maybe hold more bait and fish. The same could be done for trucker, where with a higher level you hold more supplies, thus getting more money. Whilst at level 1 you would earn less money than lumberjack, but with the time invested to get a higher level you will earn more than lumberjack. 


In addition to this, you could balance the fisherman job by adding a cool-down, meaning the payout is better, but you can do it less frequently. 

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