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GPS System Ideas

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GPS System Ideas


Here's some of my ideas for a GPS system. There's some stuff here that I believe will not just improve general roleplay, but roleplay for several factions and businesses specifically.




- Your own home.

- Addresses (street & number).

- Cities/towns.

- Neighbourhoods/areas.

- Server-owned businesses (24/7's, clothing stores etc).

- Player-owned businesses.

- Government buildings (PD HQ, hospital, city gov buildings, town hall, etc).

- Misc (driving school, vehicle rent spots, train station etc).




- Search through all kinds of locations listed above.

- Set your own custom locations.

- Pin locations & customize names for quick access:

-> e.g. pin your friend's address under the name "John's House"

- See how much miles away you are from your destination in the bottom left of your screen.

- Get notified (in GUI) of current road maintenances/closed roads or any other important traffic info (set by Department of Roads and PD).

- See whether a business is open or closed.

- See opening times of businesses (which owner can set).

- See small descriptions of businesses (which owner can set).

- See phone numbers of business owners.

- See ratings of businesses, you can rate them yourself up to five stars.




/maps - opens the GUI.

/setmark [name] - adds your precise current location to the GPS with a custom name.

/distance - toggles the distance counter.


For business owners:


/opening - shows you the current opening time of your business.

/setopening [time] [time] - sets the opening time of your business.

e.g.: /setopening 8 9 (from 8 to 9 PM)

/changeopening [time] [time] - changes the opening time of your business.

/stopopening - removes opening time.

/setdesc [desc] - sets a description for your business.


For Department of Roads and PD:


/setnotice [time] [reason] - sets a traffic notification.

e.g.: /setnotice 4 Road around Ocean Flats is blocked because of an accident, will be cleared around 4 PM.

/removenotice [ID] - removes a traffic notification (only if set by your faction).

/notices - lists all the current traffic notifications + ID's in a GUI.




- Need to have a turned on phone or be in a car to use the GPS

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The Don

Support to the max.

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16 hours ago, The Don said:

Support to the max.


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Same as two above. Looks neat and would be fun to have and also useful for new players who just join the server. Also helpful for helpers. 

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GPS system has been added in last revision.


There are still suggestions that can be used for future updates on that system in the thread.

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