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/id and /mask don't go together.

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Like the title says. What is the point of having /mask if people can /id (number of mask) and find out who you are? We could rp hiding our face but people would mg that so thats why /mask is there but if people can still find out who you are, mg will happen. I would also like to be masked in /b when having to talk ooc.

Altogether in my opinion players shouldn't have /id. Thats an admin command.

People make new characters to have a diferend expirience with other people than usual aka hide from them. If people can do /id and find out it's the same player but diferent character whats the point? I like to suprise people like "Hey it was me all along, made a new character. Aren't i fucking awesome roleplayer with interesting ideas?".... not really but fuck it xD

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Shouldn't be able to be masked in /b, after all. If you're masked ICly and OOCly, people have no right to come shoot you even if they know who you are and claim that they know how you look and such. It shouldn't even bother you, really. The UCP names under the /id is a great addition andd different from other servers. I do not really support this idea.

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