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How to make screenshots without screenshots.

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You have a captivating moment of dialogue but the screenshot you made just won't cut it? Well, I've got good news for you.

(Notice: this method cannot apply to screenshots of cars)



3DS Max,


A good background picture,

IMGTool (or some other application with similar properties)


A functioning brain.


Okay, let's get started.


So first off, open up 3ds Max. Now, you should have KAM's Max scripts installed. If you don't, here's the download link.


Open up IMPORT DFF, and, well, import a dff! You should export the ones you're about to use with the use of IMGtool or some other program with such abilities and exported the model's textures with IMGtool.


Now, you'll notice this asshole is bald. Go ahead and apply some goddamn texture!


Find your exported texture in whatever folder you put it in and drag and drop it inside Max onto the character model.



Great job! Now, you'll notice he's got these little yellow spots. They're bones. Select them and drag them and rotate them to your own wishes. If you need more models, put it in. Here's an example of what I did.


Do whatever you want, however, then you have to render the image. Find the angle and zoom you want, then go to the render options. Load up the environment section and change the background to green.


Go to render options and increase the resolution to 1920x1080, then prntscrn your image and edit it in photoshop.

I like to make this a bit dramatic, so I use this method.


A couple examples of what can be done this way.




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Welcome to the future guys.

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Scripting screenshots keeps improving.

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Good guide.

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