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[kane] Fred_Azzarello

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Account Name: 



Time & Date of the Incident: 

18:54:00 - 05/05/2018


Ban Reason: 

I was banned for money-farming.



> Earlier in the day, there was an bug causing player's bank accounts to be millions of dollars in debt. I was a victim of this bug, like many others, and I lost a lot of money. I take a screenshot of my bank account prior to the bug because I didn't know there was one, therefore, I couldn't post a valid refund request. So, I decided to "money-farm" my money back. When I got my money back, however, I was banned by @kane.

> I understand that I have broken the eleventh server rule - "Account Rules" - by having multiple master accounts - at the time of my "money-farming", I was not aware of this rule and I apologize to the community for that - but they were not being used for malicious activities. Prior to being banned, I achieved the amount of money I initially had before the bug robbed me blind.

Supporting Evidence: 


In the image above, I know its blurred, you may be able to see that the red text says "$-3,710,530". This screenshot was taken before the fix by @kane. After the fix, unfortunately I don't have a screenshot, my bank account had $0 in it. Meaning all the work put in before was voided. That was a loss I wasn't willing to take, so I tried for personal justice. In the end, however, I still took a loss by being banned. I am not a hacker or a troll, I am a supporter of the server because I believe the server will be a success. If you'd allow me to return to the server so that I may enjoy it through all of it's future revisions and updates, I'd be much obliged.

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Guest kane

May 18. 

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