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Feature Documentation


Feature Name: Fishing

Script Author(s): Dom

General Information


Requirements to start fishing:

  • Fish Bait - Can be bought at any of the locations that sell baits. These locations are also used for sell the fish you are currently carrying.
  • Fishing Boat - You can buy these boats at the boat dealership, rent them, or just have someone let you use them while you do the fishing. Different boat has different limitation on how much fish you can carry at once.
  • You are currently not in any of the areas where there are no fish.


Some other limitations:

  • If you have caught a fish before, you can't stay in the same location and try to catch a fish again. You will have to move a little bit further.
  • There is a cooldown until you can catch another fish. If the cooldown hasn't passed yet, you will get the info about how long you have to wait when you do /fish next time.


Chance to catch a fish is 70% right now. If you succeed, you will get one random fish, loose one fish bait and the cooldown starts. If you fail, only difference is you won't get the fish. 


There are 5 different fish types:

  • Bass
  • Mackerel
  • Salmon
  • Swordfish
  • Tuna

Bass can be sold for the lowest price while Tuna has the highest value.



  • /fish - Used to catch fish
  • /sellfish - Used to all the fish you are currently holding. You have to stand near three areas where you can buy fish bait and sell fish
  • /buybait - Used to buy bait used for fishing. You can buy 10 pieces of bait at once. Available at one of three areas where you can buy bait and sell fish
  • /fishinfo - Get info about how much fish bait and fish you are currently holding
  • /fishhelp - Info about fishing commands.


Fishing boats:

Dinghy Vehicle_473.jpg
Reefer Vehicle_453.jpg
Marquis Vehicle_484.jpg



 Areas where you can't fish:

  • Bayside


  • Angel Pine


  • San Fierro



Buy fish bait and sell fish areas:

twoLIQV.png AyKov9e.jpg
vrfqp7r.png qDhyYQi.png
M0pxV3S.png GVHOwsv.jpg



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