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Example Faction - G-Mobb

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This thread is to serve as an example of a Bay Area styled gang. Anyone is free to roleplay this gang if they so wish, I am merely just using it to show how Bay Area influenced gangs function and to see if I can spark similar gangs to pop up around SF




G-Mobb is a Sacramento based primarily african american gang that does not claim a specific color (although Red & Blue shirts & Hats are a common sight as well as Bandannas with money printed on) and is reminiscent of Bay Area "Turf" Gangs. The Gang has known connections to oakland based gangs and is known for its violence and brutality which has caused the apartments they were based in to be torn down and rebuilt twice as well as for the street in which it is located being renamed going from "G-Parkway" to "Shining Star" to "Phoenix Park" and an injunction being slapped on the gang.

G-Mobb is split between numerous subsets, $tick Up $tarz and Guttah Boyz being the two prevailant ones. both of which are made up of younger members from various other gangs and cultures. in 2010 there was a shooting at a barbershop in South Sacramento where a 30 year old woman named Monique Nelson was shot while protecting her son during a shootout between G-Mobb and Oak Park Blood Gang members. A portion of the $tarz gang split and allied with the Oak park & Meadowview bloods and became the Gun'z Up gang in 2007 and were involved in a shooting in 2014 between the Ghuttah Boyz & $tickup $tarz cliques outside of a party that ended up with 2 dead. Currently one of the most prominant figures in the gang Donald "Lavish D" Oliver was recently released from prison, as well as one of his brothers DeAndre "Prince Dreda" Oliver. His god brother Deandre "Lizk" Rogers was released after fighting 2 murder cases near the end of 2016 but ended up catching his third strike in april of 2018 for a gun charge and is serving Life

In 2016 a number of G-Mobb members were sent to San Fierro to start up another branch of the clique for possible profit in the booming drug economy aswell as stir up trouble with the color/nation based gang culture that are thriving in SF.

What type of faction is this?

This is a hybrid gang with no loyalties to any color/number/nation. their only loyalty belongs to each other and the apartments which they control. Members are often times armed and will shoot at the first provocation, they are also deeply entrenched within the Bay Area culture which includes having sideshows (car shows where people perform Donuts in the middle of the street and dance on their cars while wildin out, smoking and drinking. Popularized in the East Bay during the late 60s) Most of their money comes from Dealing dope and doing home invasions as well as 211's (California Penal code for Armed Robbery).

Members are expected to RP well and not go around DMing other people, Shootouts are alright as long as they are done RPly and agreed upon by both sides. Warning shots are encouraged before things escalate in order to diffuse tense situations. Do not RP as a person with no fears/dreams/hopes/etc, keep things embedded in reality.




I'm interested, How do I join?

We only recruit In Character... so in order to join, you would have to RP around the Sunnyside Housing Complex in Doherty. as long as you are skilled in RP whether you have alot of experience or a little, we will take you after a certain amount of time. English is REQUIRED and people who RP as a minority have a higher chance of joining than people who RP as white (because this is how the gang is in real life). When you agree to this faction, you agree to be CKed at any time and punished severely if you break any rule.


Helpful information related to the gang





Music Videos related to the gang





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Good shit brother.
Posting to follow.

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