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Admin Report:

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Player may submit a complaint against an administrator for any dispute they have with an admin, alleged misconduct/abuse, unjustifiable actions, rule-violations, or any other reason. If you are unsure whether or not if this report is fitting for your situation, or if there are any further question regarding your circumstances, please don't hesitate to contact the Head of Admin [Lockhart].


By submitting an admin report, you agree to the following:

- You have contacted the admin and attempted to resolve the issue*

- You have raw, unedited, and valid evidence to support your report.

- You have a full understanding of the current rule-set.

- You understand that creating a false report, with-holding, or manipulating evidence will put you at risk for punishment


*For punishment disputes, player must attempt to resolve the issue with the handling admin prior to creating a report unless there is a special circumstances that prevents the player to do so.


All admin reports are to be sent to the Head of Admin [Lockhart]



Please fill all of the information required below to submit an admin report. Title the PM with the name of the admin you are reporting.


Your Name:

Please put your name that is most relevant to the situation. If it happened in Discord, put your Discord ID, if it happened In-Game, use your In-Game name. If happened on forum, use your forum name, etc. If more than one, put everything that's relevant.


Admin's Name:

Same case as the above. Use the name that is most relevant to the situation.


Time & Date:

Put the full date month and year of the incident. If it is an approximation or unknown, please state so.



Explain the full situation and put any other information that may be relevant to the situation or the report.



Evidence is required. Attach any evidence that support your report and sort it from the beginning to the end. It is always recommended to attach an explanation to each of the evidence, so that it is easy to understand.


Did you contact the admin?

If yes, attach the screenshot of the conversation or simply add Rehasher on the forum PM thread (conversation). If no, please explain the reason.



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