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[GUIDE] Instantly launch BA-RP!

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With the recent news of BA-RP's opening, many people can't wait to play already. When the server finally opens, you'll want to be one of the first people to connect and have fun, and this guide will make connecting to the server much faster and easier!





1. Right click SA-MP and choose 'Send To Desktop'.



2. Go to the desktop and open the shortcut's properties.




3. Add the server's IP and port next to the directory in 'Target'. (ba-rp.net:7777)
Note: if the directory has spaces in it, then make sure to put two quotation marks ( " ) around it before putting the IP and the port.


And that's it. Unnecessary but cool, you can add an icon to the shortcut by clicking the 'Change Icon...' button in the shortcut's properties and choosing the icon file you want:

The icon can be downloaded here.

Have fun!

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