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[DamianC] Maxxy

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Posting on behalf of @Maxxy they sent this to me via Discord


Topic Title: [DamianC].

Account Name: Max_Thorn.

Time & Date of the Incident: 02:18AM, 04/23/18.

Ban Reason: 

I was banned for saying "calm down guys the server will open when jesus comes back". 



I would firstly just like to apologise to DamianC, the administration team and the whole community for saying something inappropriate. The comment that I made clearly wasn't needed, and it was really stupid of me for saying that. I acknowledge that what I've done, was defiantly wrong. I really do regret what I've said, however I do believe that a permanent ban was over the top. I understand that I do need to be punished, but I would like you to re-consider my punishment.

Kind regards;


Supporting Evidence: 

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Getting banned on a server not even up is a sign you'll eventually be right back in here. Don't re-make this topic.

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