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Feature Documentation


Feature Name: BayPoints / Donator System

Script Author(s): kane

Script Contributor(s): DamianC, tw1ster


Authors Comments 

Baypoints will be how you "purchase" donator features. Baypoints can be accumulated via two ways- through donation money and or ingame activity. You can read more about progress below. We figured with this system everyone would have an "equal" way towards almost all the features and options on the server whether you have a debit card or not. Of course there will currently be donation exclusive features because we still got bills to pay around here.


Baypoints will be accumulated on your main accounts, along with your other donator amenities. Consider it your own form of currency, may not be as fancy as bitcoin but with ours you can acquire a namechange and so much more!


Process of obtaining BayPoints:

  1. Money
    Pretty clear cut I'd think. You donate through whichever means is available and every 1 dollar gets you 10 baypoints accredited to your main account. That's pretty much it.
  2. IG Activity
    I worked with tw1ster on this part and we thought up an idea that every 4 hours of ingame activity you can get 1 BayPoint accredited to your main account. So a full 24 hours of IG activity is a total of 6 baypoints. We feel that's pretty fair and not asking too much out of people, while at the same time being fair towards the actual donators of the server.


What can you get with BayPoints:

Namechange = 20 BayPoints.

Numberchange = 20 BayPoints.

Gold Membership for a month = 150 BayPoints.


(Written by DamianC)


General Information


  • /baypoints      -  Access your BayPoints menu.
  • /activatekey   -  Activate a Donator key.


If you didn't get the whole idea from the Authors Comments, BayPoints will basically be a way for all players to be able to experience some donator features without having to pay. Every 4 hours of gameplay, whether you're a donator or not, you'll be rewarded with 1 BayPoint. 


What /Baypoints Brings You To!



The /Baypoints Menu!



Inside the /BayPoints menu, you'll have the option of acquiring name and number changes with the BayPoints you have. With those, you'll be able to change your name and number through that menu. If you've got 150 BayPoints or more, the 'Acquire Gold Membership' listitem will show. Note that only items that are available to you will show in the list. If you have less than 10 BayPoints, the Acquire NameChange/NumberChange listitem won't show. 


NameChange Menu!





And the /ActivateKey Menu!


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