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Guest kane

Trucker Job:

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Guest kane
Bay Area Roleplay
Feature Documentation


Feature Name: Trucker Job

Script Author(s): kane


Authors Comments 

I've gone over and reinvented the trucker job you saw in the earlier version of the servers release. They aren't major changes but there are some additions and changes that'll hopefully broaden everyones interest in the job. The first version of the job was unfortunately filled with bugs and inconvenienced everyone, mostly me since I spent way too much time going over the system each time a new bug randomly came out the woodworks.


What's in this version? I've added trucker ranks for those dedicated truckers out there and taken a whole different approach at how players are going to earn their money by trucking. This new system will basically allow [and require those wanting to go up the trucking ranks] to stay on the road and keep trucking. 


General Information
  • Trucker Depot:
    The old Trucker Depot located at the Doherty RS Haul happened to be a general headache for everybody. It wasn't a good look when newly spawned players saw truckers speeding out the warehouse or just truckers in general managing to speed into other players.
    The trucker depot in this version will be located in Flint County next to the gas station. This location is much more secluded from the general public and we'll avoid your ordinary roleplayers clashing with truckers who are in middle of their job. 


  • Trucker PDA:
    A truckers PDA will be accessible through a singular command ( /trucker ) and all the necessities that the job requires will be in there. This'll include the front end of the trucker job and allow you options that are relevant to you doing the job. 


  • Trucker Ranks:

    I was thinking about unique ways of doing ranks for truckers. Something that truckers could set a goal too and wouldn't be all that stale and boring like [hours]. Your trucking rank will be based on mileage. Basically, the amount of miles you've put into trucking. If you aren't trucking, you aren't ranking. Players can monitor their miles and keep track of everything through the PDA. I'd hope this would motivate and let people set a goal to a specific mileage they'd like to achieve and show who's the best trucker!


  • Renting Trucks:
    Unlike the old system, we won't be having pre-spawned trucks. This'll solve the problem with the shortage of trucker vehicles we had last time. Players will have the option of renting trucks to use if they don't own one. So yes, you can use your own truck. Players who rent trucks will be charged a fee then an hourly rate. Each 60 minutes from the point where you rented the truck, you'll be charged the same amount you rented the truck for.
    If you can't afford to pay the fee with your on-hand money then we'll take it from the bank. If you can't  afford it there either, your vehicle will be taken away. Insurance: If the vehicle ends up being destroyed, you'll be fined the rental fee*2+vehicle damages*4 during vehicle death. 


  • Trucker Pays:
    Trucker pays for the old version was all RNG. I've done my best to come up with a way that completely removes the RNG factor in payments. Payments will be based on the stock you're delivering. Each stock type is a different amount. Trucker rank. Your rank is also a factor in rewards. You're guaranteed to earn more than a player who's 1 trucker rank below you. This means, truck more, rank up, earn more.
    Another factor is long distance routes. The distance you've traveled from Point A to Point B will be used to increment your reward. Caution: There are pay deductions. If your vehicle is in poor conditioned ( damaged absolutely at all ), money will be deducted from the reward. The bottom line is if you drive more you'll get paid more. 

    /truckerjob( /getjob ) - Acquire the job from the trucker depot.
    /trucker - Access the trucker PDA.
    /updatepoint - Incase you lost your checkpoint, use the command to get it back.
    /dropoff - Want to end early? Use this. Rented trucks will be despawned.


Trucker Rank Info:

Trucker Rank Mileage Required
Trucker Trainee Between 0.00 and 600.0.
Certified Trucker Between 600.0 and 1500.0.
Professional Trucker Between 1500.0 and 2300.0

Expert Trucker

(Anything above 3100.0 is called
Veteran Trucker.)

Between 2300.0 and 3100.0



Want to acquire the job? Head to the Flint County compound and /getjob at the pickup!



Your Trucker PDA!





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