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Diary of Ryan Dunwich

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So I figured to tell my character's story in this style, I dunno if you'll like it but I'll do my best to tell my character's story as imaginative as possible.


The setting of the story is in 2065, Ryan Dunwich has died at the age of 76. As his family was clearing out his old house in Ocean Flatts, his grandson, Michael Dunwich, found Ryan's old journal inside his study room. He was curious, so he opened it and read the journal. He would read the story of his Grandfather. I will tell my character's story from this point of view, through the journal Ryan left behind in 2065.


PS: Got some of the pictures from google, just to add some color to the thread. I don't own these pictures, credits to the owners by the way.


The Diary of Ryan Dunwich



(San Fierro in the year 2065)


Year 2065, the year my grandfather, Ryan Dunwich, died of a heart attack in his old house in Ocean Flatts. It was the 25th of August when my grandmother, Lyka Dunwich, called my dad through the hologram phone, or holophone, and told us that he has died, a month more, and he could've turned 77 years old. Grandpa was a cheerful man, whenever we visit, he would give me and my little sister, Riley, a big hug and a kiss. I remember back then he would play with us with some old toys my Dad owned back then. He was so old-school, but it was some of the things we loved about him. Dad barely even had the time to play with us, grandpa was more interactive. When I heard that Grandpa Ryan had died, my heart sank, I felt like crying on the spot. Me, a grown man cry like a little baby. It's okay for people to cry, even men, it just shows that they are human.


We arrived at their home in Ocean Flatts, it was a 20-minute ride from our house in Paradiso to here,. We where there to help out in clearing out the house, grandma is gonna live with us from now on.Dad put me in charge of taking care of grandpa's old study room. The room was really vintage, grandpa still had books, solid paper books. Most families don't even have those kinds of stuff nowadays, all you need is the internet and your holophone. Holophones are like those old smartphones from back then, just with a hologram system, most brands are just long rods that whenever you click a button on the rod, the hologram screen pops on, and considering the fact that they have invented those hover routers, routers that have a huge range and just hover in the sky. basically internet is accessible anywhere nowadays, people have become reliant on it, too reliant. As I was taking out all the old books from grandpa's shelf in his study room, I noticed an old journal. It was a book-binded style journal, it had no label on it. I went to the study desk, made myself comfortable and flipped it open. "PROPERTY OF RYAN DUNWICH" was written down on the first page. Now that I think of it, I never fully knew about grandpa Ryan, he was just a simple, cheerful old man to me. Whenever I asked dad what grandpa was like back then, he just answered "He's a great man, just remember that". My curiosity surged and I turned it over to the next page, and this is what it wrote:


February 25th, 2018

My first day in San Fierro, I walked out of Cranberry station and looked around a bit. It felt different to be in another city, I have no idea where to start. I don't have enough money to go on a tour of the city, so maybe I'll start off looking for a job. I hope my diploma won't go to waste, then again, what High School would want a shifty character as a social sciences teacher? sure I graduated from college but I never put this college degree to good use. I've always been living on the edge of a knife, had my fair share of prison time. That diploma is stained by my police record, it's more or less useless now. Guess I'll just find a job that doesn't need to look at your police record. Gotta get set up first, gotta find a place to stay.


February 27th, 2018

Found a really cheap apartment in Ocean Flatts. Still haven't found a job yet, I put half of what's left of my money to pay for the first month rent. I need a job and fast. I heard that there's a lumberjack union in Flint County that is looking for more workers, I'll try getting hired there.


February 28th, 2018

I got hired at that lumberjack union, earlier this morning was my first day on the job. The pay is very decent for a guy who cuts down trees for a living, I'm thinking of getting myself a nice little home. Found a house in the neighborhood that's for sale. I checked it out earlier and the place was very nice. I'll save up for that house.


March 1st, 2018

I've met up with my long time friend, Casper McCormick. I was on duty as a lumberjack when suddenly I saw him riding his Harley up towards the shack. He was trying to get a job there too. I surprised the old bastard after work and we hung out. After that, we exchanged phone numbers and went back to our homes. I never expected him to be here of all places.


March 2nd, 2018

I took the day off from work, I had saved up a lot of money and figured why not relax and go around town and see what's up. I gone around town and enjoyed myself. This town really has that chill vibe to it, the people, the atmosphere. I went to that chinese restaurant in chinatown for lunch, damn I love that Beef Wanton soup. For my final activity, I went for the helicopter rides. I took a picture of the city from my phone while on the helicopter and got it developed. Photography was never my strongsuit but what the hell.


*This picture would be glued on the page*



I heard my dad call for my name while I was reading grandpa's journal. I closed it, put it inside my bag and went to where he was. I didn't know grandpa was like that back then. I'm beginning to doubt the thought of how great my grandfather was back then. I guess I could read the journal as soon as I get home.


*I will be updating this thread of course, with RP threads and more stuff, stay tuned for more.*

*The RP threads would be like a visualization of the journal entries from Ryan Dunwich's experiences.*

*I will still continue to update this thread in this manner.*









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This sounds exciting my man!


I'll be keeping an eye on it 

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