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Bay Area Roleplay

Point of Contacts


Since we seem to be having a lot of questions regarding who should a player contact for certain things, below are the compiled list of all of the Bay Area Roleplay staff branch leaderships. These are the people you should contact in the event that you ever needed to for any reason you may have. When any issues arise, please try to solve the issue with the person involved whenever possible prior to contacting the people listed below.


Server Management
United Kingdom Rehasher [Head of Staff]

Server Administration

bg-icon.png Anomaly [Head of Refunds]

it.png Mikee [Head of Helpers]
cz-icon.png sick [Head of Factions]
ee.png Erty [Head of Properties]


Creative Team

us-icon.png Halycen [Head of Mapping]

pt-icon.png St1ll3r__ [Head of Modding]


Additionally, you are also more than welcome to contact myself via any mean you feel comfortable if you are unsure of who to go to for the topic that you have. Thank you and hope you enjoy your time on the server!

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