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San Andreas News Network Recruitment

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1.1) Full Name: [AWNSER]

1.2) Contact Number: [AWNSER]
1.3) Address: [AWNSER]
1.4) Age: [AWNSER]
1.5) Place of Birth: [AWNSER]
1.6) Licenses (Tick all those apply): General Vehicle License [] Weapons Licenses [] Heavy Vehicles License [] Medical Certificates []


2.1) Do you have any physical illnesses? If so please state said illness: [AWNSER]
2.2) Do you have any mental illnesses? If so please state said illness: [AWNSER]

2.3) Do you have a criminal record, such as: Felony's or Misdemeanors?: [AWNSER]

2.4) If so, can you explain these charges?: [AWNSER]


3.1) In more than 100 words, state why you wish to join us: [AWNSER]
3.2) In more than 75 words, state how you could benefit Aegis Dynamics: [AWNSER]
3.3 Write an examplary article, about any subject. Or a price of writing.: [AWNSER]

((Send the application to PYRO))

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