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[Vehicle] Ownership Bug

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Time & Date: March 9, 2018
Player Name:  Manuel Ventura
Bug Type: Gamemode


Yesterday, I tabbed back in and did /v get 2 to get my Sanchez, knowing it wasn't spawned. When I did, it said that I had a car spawned, so I did /v find and it set a checkpoint to someone else's Greenwood. I got in it and was able to turn the engine on and off, lock it, and everything. I tried to /v park it, and it directed me to the dealership. I drove there and did /v park. After that, I tried to /v get 2 again and then my Sanchez spawned.

Don't ask me how I got this bug. I have no idea and it just happened out of the bloom.



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Pending investigation by @kane

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