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Bay Area Transit - SF TOUR / DRUNK BUS - 8:00PM ((SERVER TIME))

Want to have fun and visit some of the great sights of San Fierro with some of the best alcoholic beverages money can buy? Come and join the SF Tour AKA The Drunk Bus every FRI/SAT/SUN night! We offer transportation throughout San Fierro in a safe and comfortable environment. Our customer safety is our number 1 priority on our buses so our drivers are trained meticulously to use the bus in harsh environments. We have completed multiple runs on our tour and have had no reported incidents. Our schedule and our other information can be found down below. Thank you for riding with us!



Friday - 20:00 - 00:00

Saturday - 20:00 - 00:00

Sunday - 20:00 - 00:00


What We Offer

We offer the locals of San Fierro a FREE trip throughout San Fierro. All clients MUST provide ID (We accept: Passports, ID cards)  to the driver to prove they're over the age of Twenty One (21) to gain access to the alcoholic beverages. 


Customer Safety

Our customer safety is a must so we have put together a policy which is clear and transparent for all. All customers must read the Policy before using our services and if they disagree, they must consult BAT via Email with any objections. Contact information can be found at the bottom. 

**Attached Policy**


Bay Area Transit ("BAT") is putting its customer safety as a must and has provided this simple policy which is clear and transparent for all customers to read up on.

- BAT WILL provide safe transportation throughout Los Santos

- BAT WILL keep medical supplies on the Bus in case of any kind of incidents

- BAT WILL keep an active recording of the journey throughout SF for the interests of Customer and Driver safety.

- BAT WILL ensure that all participants are over the age of Twenty One for alcoholic beverages.

- BAT WILL notify customers if the SFPD request personal data. 

- BAT HAS a ZERO tolerance for driver/passenger abuse/assault and ANY physical/verbal assaults towards ANY passengers will be reported to the SFPD

- BAT RESERVES the right to provide Law Enforcement of any footage throughout the trip in accordance with investigations.





We are currently accepting Sponsorships for our transportation service.


Incident Log:

For the interests of all parties, any incidents reported WILL be disclosed here. 

Incident #001

Details: Crash with a 2 door vehicle by Cranberry Station, LSPD was on scene and pursued the suspect. Suspects Airbag blew and he proceeded to drive off. SFFD arrived on scene with an Ambulance and a FireTruck, they patched the leaking fuel pipe. Insurance & Mechanics have been requested to resolve the problems. 

Conclusion: CANCELLED 


Contact Information

If you wish to raise a complaint and or a compliment, you may do so by following these contact details

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


@Hayden for the logo

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