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Emilie_Reinhardt [insulting OOC, Blackmail]

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Player Name: 



Reported Player:



Time & Date: 

16:00 - 10-3-2018



Insulting OOC and spamming that, blackmailing



Me and my friend were cruising around till 2 players Ninja jacked my friend ((there were no admins online)), I tried to shoot the other player in drive-by mode, the one that shot at us. I jumped out and I lost the gun fight. Emilie saw that, and recorded it and said in PM's that I DMed. I told her everything what happened. then she insulted me. Like fuck your mother, your mother is a whore and that shit. Then she said. Give me your Colt 45 and then I won't report you. I got screenshots of it. I said: No, I'm not selling things OOC. Before she was flooding my whole chat with her insults and I didn't answered it because I thought she had the wrong PM. 



All the 3 screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/FcMO1

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Childish, but ignore him.

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