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IG-1 and IG-5 Jhonny_Anderson, Lucas_Parker

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Player Name: 



Reported Player:

Jhonny_Anderson, Lucas_Parker


Time & Date: 

6:30 AM (My time) - 3/10/2018



IG-1 Deathmatching.

IG-5 Safezones





Basically I walked out of spawn and suddenly some guy comes out of nowhere telling me not to look at him or call him master. I proceeded to tell him to Fuck off in character and his friend proceeded to shoot me...Now telling someone to fuck off is not a reason to kill a person I'm pretty sure...sooo yeah. They also killed me in a safe zone as well as possibly a few other people.


Screenshots: Here is a collection, And two showing the main Rule-breaking.  https://imgur.com/a/Y0a1g






Btw I may have found more victims they possibly killed. They all have the same wounds as me. So it might be Mass DM

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Couldn't see any reason for the kill, but I'll refrain from any punitive action due to the current server status, but I'm hoping that this situation is not repeated in the future release.

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