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Kevin Sarno, Joey Blackbard, William Blackwood[IG1,IG5]

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Player Name: 

Hiroyuki Yamamoto


Reported Player:

Kevin Sarno,  Joey Blackbard, William Blackwood


Time & Date: 




1. Deathmatching

An example of deathmatching (DM) would be killing a player without any valid roleplay reason behind it.

 Maccer calls Dwayne's mother a rude name and Dwayne responds by putting a bullet in Maccer's face.
 Maccer and Dwayne get into a vehicle accident. Maccer is furious about the damage and empties his AR into Dwayne.
 Maccer, a non-smoker see's Dwayne smoking and starts punching him without warning.

Unnecessary provoking is also forbidden. Do not intentionally cause trouble with players you had no quarrel with prior.

Punishments: Admin Jail or warning. Mass-DM is a bannable offense.

5. Safe Zones

Do not commit any felonies in highly populated areas without a sufficient roleplay reason or in areas that would be absurdly unrealistic. If the roleplay initiated elsewhere, you may resume it without having permission but you will need evidence to support your case if reported.

Locations (inside and nearby) covered by this rule are:

 Job Locations

 Cranberry Station (spawn points)

 Government Buildings
 Police Headquarters / Stations
 Casinos (owners and associates excluded)
 Hospitals / Fire Dept Headquarters
 SF Prison (inmates excluded)

Punishments: Admin Jail or warning. Varied on situation, offense may be bannable.



So first of all me and my friend Kentaro were walking down the street as usual then Joey Blackbard and his DM squad to decided to shoot at  Kentaro for no reason and it ended up being a gun fight that we came out on top and stole their car and drove off. Then we were roleplaying and Joey decided to come back to RK us or something but we ended up killing him again https://imgur.com/a/GsjgZ then me and Kentaro drove back to Cranberry Station and he and his DM squad was there and decided to attack me again but this time Kevin Sarno was involved to he decided to side with the DM'er and shoot at me for no reason claiming that I was shooting at him eventhough I was the guy who was getting shot by DM'ers in the first place as seen here https://imgur.com/a/YLRor then the last guy from their DM squad comes back and finishes me https://imgur.com/a/Hf4oW then of course Kevin Sarno claims otherwise and PM's with his bullshit story that I'm the bad guy and blocks my PM's like big boy https://imgur.com/a/HdvRz plus admits his mistake and tries to bribe me with his IN game currency lmao https://imgur.com/a/2W86V



Evidence to support your report

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Not a good enough reason to do it in the safezone either, but I'll refrain from any punitive action due to the current server status, but I'm hoping that this situation is not repeated in the future release.

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