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[Desert Eagle] Raul Barajas

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Master Account Name: kodak
Character Name: Raul Barajas

Item Lost: A Desert Eagle with 85 bullets.
Brief description of how you lost the item: I was just roleplaying with my faction members then there was a guy that was going around mass DMing, he's already got loads of reports on him so I think many people can vouch, I'll also put up a video of him DMing around if an admin needs it.

Supporting Evidence: 


Proof of owning the weapon;



Getting revived by Giga;



Being killed with 3 shots while I was in a moving car and executed afterwards;



My /stats after Giga revived me;





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Posted (edited)

The screenshots are edited, you need to post unedited evidence.


Refund request is denied.

Edited by Anomaly

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