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[Survivalmaster] Devonte_Harrison

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Account Name: 

iSmokePurpBih: Server name: Devonte_Harrison


Time & Date of the Incident:

3/8/2018 Not sure what time it was. Maybe 7:27 or 7:25. Not Sure


Ban Reason: 

Weapon Hacking 



 I had just spawned in game to play BA:RP. I had been playing single player all that morning doing things like modding and mod menus for campaign. I was having a lot of fun using the cleo.li in single player. I got tired of playing with the mods so I logged onto the Bay Area Roleplay sever. Not knowing that my mods carried over from single player mode I pressed my mod menu button and it actually came up. It shocked me because it spawned me a weapon instantly. At this point I knew I was going to get banned so I waited. I knew some way some how that the admin who was on which was Survivalmaster knew what I was doing. I apologize for my actions on using mods or /hacks/ on the server. It wasn't purposely and I wasn't trying to aid myself in any type of way. It was a bad error, I didn't mean to cause any harm to anyone or anything on server. Can I just have one more chance? I promise I will never do this again. I swear I want. I apologize once again.


Supporting Evidence: 

I don't have evidence. I swear it was a mistake, I didn't know that my mod menu would work on the server. I'm sorry once again.


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Ensure this doesn't  happen again or it will be a permanent ban, unbanned.

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