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Might - The Lonesome Rider

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He's just not into the pain that comes with loneliness

But after all, it was all that he had...


Sion Harry Strong

A 58 y/o British man

A man of wits, a man who tried everything to escape his past, but after all, he learned to embrace what he truly is.



...He lost everything

His family, his friends, his crew.

He never gave in though, he tried to stay away from his past

But after all, it was all that he had...

CHAPTER ONE : Early life

Sion was a 6 years old, that was the first time he met the grim reaper eye to eye

He was his parents in a car, when a truck rammed the front half of the car, he was the only one who walked out of that alive.

He was given in to an orphanage in Manchester where he stayed for 11 years

During those 11 years

Sion -Unknowingly- was developing a character he never even thought of

He was used to watching violent movies, and causing fights

During that, he suffered from mental trauma that was caused by his accident at the age of 6, yet he never noticed it, he always felt anxious, felt like he carried a burden of someone else's, but never thought that it would be a mental trauma

So through his trauma

His subconscious mind was being fed with violence, crime, stress

And over time - exactly at the age of 15 was when it started to emerge - another personality emerged, but nobody ever noticed it, it was just starting to grow.

When Sion became 17, he left his orphanage and looked for small places to rent, before that, he worked for about a year and saved enough to rent a room for 3 months, then he went out seeking a better job

He found one as an assistant of a successful businessman called Adam Bryan, and he found that job quite fun since he got to attend big parties, have great dinners, and over time, he became Adam's right hand man, Adam trusted him with everything, even his own life.

After a while, when Sion became 19, Adam decided to adopt him.

Adam had a daughter, Jena, who was 15 at the time.

She treated Sion like a true brother, never made him feel like he wasn't home

Adam was a single father with his daughter, and Sion was an important addition to the family



His past came hunting

He tried to hide

His past found him

Because after all, it was all that he had...

CHAPTER TWO : The Truth.

Sion was 23 when he first decided to ask Jena out, she was 19 by the time.

Sion between that time and the age of 19, was still working with Adam as his right hand man, and he would tutor Jena from time to time, he was a natural with Physics and Mathimatics

He didn't understand much Chemistry though, so he had a limit

Jena was starting to form a crush for Sion, she wasn't surprised when he asked her out, she was actually very happy.

But both of them were worried for how Adam would react, but unlike what they'd expected, Adam actually welcomed the idea, he said to Sion "There's nobody that I'd consider worthy of dating my daughter more than you son, nobody at all."

Sion and Jena were surprised by his reaction

Their first date was a bit awkward, they'd already exhausted any form of conversation they could've had on a first date

Their second, though, was a great one, Sion took Jena to a restaurant he heard of before, it was an expensive one but it was worth it in the eyes of Sion

Sion was happy that Jena was happy, he was starting to love her, truly.

All the while, the alter ego that Sion grew was still stored in the back of his mind, nobody ever noticed it, not even Sion himself.

After a while of working with Adam and dating Jena

Adam took Sion on a little trip, then he shot him in the leg, and threw him off a boat, he told Sion that if he'd survive this, when he comes back, he'd be a different man, and would be treated as such.

Sion was terrified by this, but during that experience, his alter ego took over for the first time in his life.

The alter ego remembered everything it has learned over the years of it's development, it knew exactly what to do, so it guided Sion to shore, then Sion passed out, when Sion woke up, he felt strange with a rampaging pain in his left leg, when he looked over to it, it was tied with a rag, Sion didn't even remember swimming to the shore or tying his leg, but it didn't trouble him, he was just happy he was still alive

He tried to sit up, and managed to do it to an extent

He noticed a village a bit far, but it was all he needed

He crawled for about 25 consecutive minutes until someone saw him

He was taken to the village, and 911 was called

They took Sion to a hospital, and he was treated, while he was there, some cops arrived and asked him how'd that happen

He told them that he was attacked by a group of people he never met, they wanted to take his wallet but he refused to cooperate and punched one of them in the face, so they shot his leg, stole his stuff anyways, and threw him near the village

The cops swallowed it, but kept an eye on Sion

Sion, after 2 months in the hospital, went back to Adam

Adam laughed from his heart when he saw Sion

Sion looked angrily at Adam, but Adam looked at Sion with a huge smile

Sion was unsure for why Adam did what he did

Sion told Adam what happened with the cops, and told him that he'd never snitch on his adoptive father, even if he literally shot him.

Adam took Sion on another trip, this time though, to a place called "The Tower"

Sion realized how Adam is such a successful businessman

Because Adam is no businessman at all

Adam, was the Chief Executive of a hitman agency, he oversaw the entire crew working, and what happened with Sion, was Sion's test

For the past 7 years, Adam was testing Sion, and that, was just the final test

Sion became an operative of the Agency, he worked quickly, he was able to master the sniper rifle in no time and he was a great shot with it

Sion was quite famous in the Agency, he was known for 2 things, being one of the most fun characters to hang out with, and the most dangerous operative in the entire agency on field

See, on field, Sion's alter ego took over.

But off field, Sion was just himself

Over time, Sion got promoted as high as Mafioso, the greatest assassin rank in the Agency

And over time, Sion's alter ego became stronger




So he walked down the path of the exile

But he never knew he did

He never took a look at that lonesome road

Before he walked alone

After all, it was all that he had...


When Sion became 27, he proposed to Jena, after all, she knew nothing about her father's or boyfriend's real job, for all she knew, they were nothing but a businessman and his assistant.

Jena - of course - accepted the proposal, and in less than a year, they became Husband and Wife

On their Honeymoon, Sion took Jena to a place she's never been - and mind you she traveled a whole lot -, he took her to Venice.

Sion always wondered how she never went there, but he shrugged it off as he always does.

During that time, Sion was sent to the U.S. to meet with a young associate called Ethan Jones

Ethan was an heir of a massive fortune, and he was looking to invest into something that'd give him a great profit.

And that investment, came in as the Agency

Sion was there as a missionary who was trying to make connections with the rich heir

Ethan should be planning to invest into his own organization sooner or later, and Sion was offering oversees help

See, the Agency didn't care bout Ethan's cash, they cared about him

It was a favour for a favour business-ship, where The Agency would help Ethan's fresh Cartel with any targets they needed in Europe, and of course, Sion was the one to execute those contracts

In exchange, The Cartel would do the same.

Sion was living a fortunate life with a great wife and an even greater job, but he was unaware of what's about to come.


Everyone's alike in one thing

But he was different from most of them in even that

See, they all gazed into the abyss

But when the abyss gazed back, most of them blinked

But not him

Because after all, it was all that he had...

CHAPTER FOUR : Great News, Absolute Tragedy, and the new venture

Jena got pregnant from Sion at the age of 25 - which makes Sion 29 - and their first born child was born when they were 26 and 30

They named him Logan, Logan Strong.

Sion kept working in The Agency

He was still Mafioso, but he was also the only one to obtain 2 ranks at the same time, he was a Mafioso and an Advisor, that gave him more time to spend at home with his loving wife and new-born.

 But at the age of 33, Sion received his second shock

Adam died suddenly with no cause that'd seem like someone killed him, he just died out of nowhere.

It was fate

Fate chose Sion, to lead the Agency, everyone in the Agency accepted that Sion should be promoted to Chief Executive, but when Sion was promoted, he found out that someone outranked him, someone he heard the name of once before, it was the chairman, the man who actually lead the Agency from behind everyone under the rank of Chief Executive's back

Sion was sent by the Chairman to the U.S. to create another branch of the Agency

Sion took with him 4 people - other than his wife and son -

And while they were on their way, Sion decided to create codenames

Or really, it wasn't Sion's decision, it was his alter ego's

Because finally, the alter got a chance to name itself

And it named itself, Might.

The other four were

Vice, Might's database manager and first advisor

Jade, Might's Treasurer, a wizard with numbers who found loopholes in literally everything that related to money

Davis, Might's second-in-command

And Mascott, Might's mafioso

and together, they formed the new agency

Sion lived his life in the U.S. in the state of San Andreas, in Los Santos

Sion and Ethan's friendship prospered during that time, and Sion helped Ethan quite often, but so did Ethan

After a while, an all-out mob-war took place between Sion's Agency and a rival mafia

Davis, Jade, and Mascott died during that,

Ethan stepped in as a common ally and solved the entire issue, and after a bit of time, Ethan's Cartel was starting to fall apart

So Sion did Ethan a huge favour, and absorbed the cartel into the agency, then he decided to get separated from the mother agency, and called his crew "The Syndicate"

They ran a restaurant, all while his son and wife lived in Massachusetts because his Son -that was when Sion was 48 by the way- Logan was attending MIT and his mother couldn't let him stay there on his own

At Logan's 23rd Birthday, Sion introduced him to the Syndicate, and with Logan came his friend, John.

John was a ruthless person, never having a care in the world on what happens as long as it doesn't concern him, he was good at leading people into doing things, he never let mistakes happen

So Sion's Syndicate looked like this

Sion(Might) as the Chairman

Jobs as the Chief Executive

Vice and a new addition, a very skilled lawyer codenamed Lawman were the advisors

BlackJack, Jobs' friend and ex-treasurer is became the treasurer

Wolverine became the mafioso

And with Panther as the Chief of Staff

With an extreme number of trainees and operatives working under them, and to this day, this is the same crew that Sion runs with.



But upon discovering what he did

He managed to forget

Because finally

It wasn't the only thing that he had

He had his friends, he had his demons

He had his wife and son

But suddenly, everything was almost lost

CHAPTER FIVE : The Disband, The Discovery, And the Broken Heart.

Sion was coming home one night, to find Jena crying in the corner

When he tried to approach her, she pushed him away, and asked him for a divorce

When he asked her what the hell was going on, she told him to ask his way of living

She somehow found out about the Syndicate, and knew what Sion's been doing for the past 29 years

But never knew that her father was the one who guided him into it

She changed her last name to her father's, and left Sion with his Son after Lawman won the lawsuit of custody.

Sion was broken by this, but directly after this, he received a message of mockery from Jackson, the Agency's chairman, Jackson explained that he was the one behind Jena's discovery, and that he'd go out to a further extent if Sion didn't fall in with his entire crew under Jackson's shadow

But Sion refused, and instead he disbanded the Syndicate temporarily till he said otherwise and sent each and everyone of the leaders to a different country

Sion went to Russia

Jobs went to the U.K.

Wolverine went to Brazil

Panther wanted to go with Wolverine but Might didn't accept it, he instead sent Panther to Chile

BlackJack was sent to Egypt

Vice was sent to Hungary

And lastly, Lawman was sent to Australia

During that time, there was an anonymous message was sent to the Interpol with enough raw data to arrest half of the Agency, and "The Tower" was attacked by terrorists and burned to the ground with the other half of the employees.


He lost almost all of it

But he still was persistent

He kept pushing it

Because after all, he embraced all that he had.

CHAPTER SIX : The End is The Beginning

Sion is now forging his own crew again in another city in the state of San Andreas, he decided to go to San Fierro, the city of rooftops and enterprises.

He decided that'd be the best place to go

He reached out to his co-workers, and now his plan is to restart what he built before

The question is, will he succeed?

Only time will tell...

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He seems like a bad man

He seems like a weak man

He does not seem smart


Edited by devin

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I'm sorry but is this a joke

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solid development, can't wait for some QUALITY roleplay and not just some parkrat type shit.


edit; sarcasm.

Edited by Pluto

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On 11/21/2017 at 11:01 PM, anijr said:

i dont like sand 


On 11/21/2017 at 10:47 PM, devin said:

He seems like a bad man

He seems like a weak man

He does not seem smart


I'll just sum it up pretty quickly, he's solitary, evil but honorable, dislikes people who enjoy everything, likes to kill, and enjoys sniping people and assigning contracts

Also he is bad

On 11/21/2017 at 10:57 PM, SCANDALOUZ said:

I'm sorry but is this a joke


Matter of fact no it isn't, it's going to be updated later on regardless

5 hours ago, Pluto said:

solid development, can't wait for some QUALITY roleplay and not just some parkrat type shit.

Thanks for the solid feedback

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hermit crab

why this nigga use a fallout nv sniper rifle

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Good luck.

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