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[Halycen] Greg_Benson

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Account Name: 



Time & Date of the Incident: 

11:50PM | 03/07/2018 


Ban Reason: 

Money Farming


Explanation: I was being a idiot and I was passing money from my old UCP to my new one. I got caught red handed with my hand in the cookie jar. I apologize. I’m a man and I own up to my mistakes.

Explain the Incident: I was passing my friend 40k from other accounts so he could pass it to me on my main.


Supporting Evidence: N/A

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As you were fully aware of your actions, you must take account for the rule that you broke. Not only this, however, you displayed attitude in Discord shortly after being banned which was witnessed by several other staff members. Considering the server is still in development, and we're tinkering with the economy, I'll be lenient with your appeal. Since several days have passed already, I'll count them as part of the ban as I did not want to keep it permanent anyways. You'll be unbanned, however, your banked money and money on hand will be reset to the starting cash for when you first register. Please don't try to transfer money across alternative accounts in the future without permission, as it's unfair for those who try to earn it legitimately.





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