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House Refund

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Master Account Name: kodak
Character Name: Raul Barajas

Item Lost: A house in Ocean Flats
Brief description of how you lost the item: Bought it the first days of the launch, I logged on the next day and it was resold. Kane told me to make a refund request.

Supporting Evidence: 




Time & Date: no clue - 25/02/2018
Player Name: Raul Barajas
Bug Type: Gamemode

Description: So I bought a house in Ocean Flats a couple hours after the server launched, after a solid day or two I log back on to find my house sold, I made a /report and got no response so I just made a bug report.

Screenshots/Videos: https://i.imgur.com/BCGmOZy.png

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Guest kane

 Follow the title format.

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