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[INFO] Helper Complaints System

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Bay Area Roleplay

Helper Complaints

Helper Complaints Information You may resort to the helper complaint system if you encounter wrongdoing(s) from a member of the Helper Team in their line of duty. The goal of the system is to enable a channel for community members to assist helper management in filtering out those who are not worthy for their position, ensuring that all helpers are representing the community with a high standard of professionalism. The systematic approach allows both the complainant and complainee to receive a fair hearing, resulting in a fair conclusion rather than being one-sided.
What constitutes a helper complaint? This system is strictly for reporting helpers in relation to various helper-related duties. You may use the helper complaint system for the following events:
  • Helper demonstrated unprofessional attitude in the line of duty (In-game: /helpme | Discord: #help-and-support | Forum: Help & Support);
  • Helper incited biased outcome on master account applications;
  • Helper threatened to commit something that may damage the (reputation of the) community;
  • General misrepresentation of the team and the community.
You will need to use the player report system in the event where a helper breaches community rules. The Head of Helpers evaluates the report once it reaches a conclusion and will take further action when necessary.
Helper Complaint Procedures Stage 1: Submission of Report
The complainant fills out the report form (which can be found below), ensuring that all information has been filled in with brief recollection and evidence attached.

All helper complaints must be submitted to the Acting Head of Helpers [Mikee]. Any complaints that are sent to another administrator will be invalidated.

Stage 2: Evaluation
The Helper Management Team evaluates the validity of the report. The case will move to the investigation stage if the report turns out to be valid.

Stage 3: Investigation
The Helper Management Team begins the investigation. The handling administrator may interview the complainant and complainee as necessary. All submitted testaments will be attached to the case.

Stage 4: Deliberation
Once the investigation is complete, the Head of Helpers will review both sides of the argument and deliberate the outcome of the investigation.

Stage 5: Conclusion
The Head of Helpers finalizes the report along with the verdict. If successful, helper management will take appropriate action against the complainee. Helper Management also ensures that the complainant is informed with the verdict.


Bay Area Roleplay

Helper Complaint

Player's Name: 
Helper's Name: 

Recollection of events: 
Date and time of incident: 

Supporting Evidence: 


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