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[Zapper] Franco_Vasconcelos

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Account Name: 



Time & Date of the Incident: 

18:00 GMT-4, 03/05/2018


Ban Reason: 

 "Threatening to DDoS members of staff".


Explain the Incident: 


This is the second time within 24 hrs Zapper has banned me. The first time,  was for drivebying with a desert eagle (which was later proven by Rehasher to not be bug abuse). I tried to appeal the first ban, as well as contact multiple admins (and lead+) about the situation to no avail. I did not end up getting unbanned untill later today. A few hours after,  things I said to Cross while I was frustrated with the false ban were used against me by Zapper in order to re-ban me once I was in-game.  I did point out to Rehasher, as well as Zapper, that I did not mean what I said and was simply frustrated with how all the administrators were opening my messages but not replying, after being banned for a false reason. 

Now, Zapper believes that since his internet disconnected I was DDoSing him, but this is not true. The only way I had of contacting him was through Discord and as most people know you can't get someone's IP through Discord.


I don't have anything else to say about the ban, as I can understand the reasoning for it being placed. I don't believe, however, that it should have been placed after I was already unbanned from the server. I was upset about the first ban (which even Rehasher agreed was false). I would also like to add that Cross was the administrator who reported these messages to the other admins, and him and I have since come to an understanding that while banned for a false reason, I still should have not of.said what I did. If Cross saw an issue with what I said, knowing I was frustrated, he would have took the measures to make sure I was not unbanned in the first place.

If it stays, so be it, but i'm here to roleplay and all of the people I play with can agree on that.


Supporting Evidence:  None needed? Would provide whatever's needed upon request.

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Stays banned. 

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