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Omar Byrd, Maleek Keys [PG, DM, PF abuse, Trolling & more]

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Posted (edited)

Player Name: 

Charles Pesaro


Reported Player:

Omar Byrd, Maleek Keys


Time & Date: 

17:10:00 - 05/03/2018 



Powergaming, Common Courtesy (Out of Character insults), Deathmatching, abuse of Purchase a Firearm license, Disgusting roleplay without permission, Trolling



Omar Byrd and John Sessa had an In Character issue from earlier. Omar Byrd then pulled up on his Sanchez and threatened us. We then tried to make him go off the bike, but after multiple unsuccessful tries, we attempted to ram him off the bike, also two or three times, yet he refused to roleplay every single one of them (we did a /me explaining that we are ramming him). Omar then insulted me in my PMs. He then came with his friend Maleek Keys and DMed us with a shotgun, that was most likely PF bought.



John Sessa, Benjamin Marcetti and Harold Lesina can support my claim.

I also have a few screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/BudKW

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John Stallion

John Sessa here, was creating topic but seems like sick already posted it.



So Omar was provoking, was hit a few times with the cars but he went /b and started to give some very unrealistic reasons, even after good hits. Now, he went away and came back with his friend, even when I hit them now with my car, Maleek flew like 20 meters away and Omar felt from the bike, Maleek just approached me and killed me, then disgusting roleplay happened, never gave them my permission for that kind of roleplay, and Maleek was using shotgun to come and kill me and I never attacked him at first place.


https://i.imgur.com/E9XNttQ.png - As you can see on this picture here, Omar is under my car, his bike is a few meters away and then there is Maleek coming with a shotgun, who was on the motorcycle too, but refused to RP that hit.


https://i.imgur.com/3mg48XG.png - You can clearly see Maleek now abusing PF license and killing me.


 https://i.imgur.com/dWzY0nq.png - disgusting roleplay and trolling most probably.


https://i.imgur.com/L4X2OXs.png - they both are informed.

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Posted (edited)

1. Since when is "Shut the fuck up" an insult? I'm telling you that because of your constant nagging.


2. Isn't it considered poor roleplay when someone does /me rushes Omar then starts hitting me giving me no time to answer back? It's also considered PG.


3. It was never disgusting roleplay when you piss on anyone, it's humiliating, yes. It's not like we raped you or anything.


4. You kept running up to me doing "/me takes his bike" shit like that which is highly unrealistic.


5. We never DMed anyone, we had every right to kill you because you robbed me earlier.


6. Funny you're pointing all these fingers when you clearly provoked me and out of self-defense I had every right to kill you.


7. I never PF abused anything, logs can be checked. Unlike you https://forum.bayarearoleplay.com/topic/3810-john-sessa-nathan-nuzzo-rule-14/



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I'll refrain from any punitive action due to the current server status, but I'm hoping that this situation is not repeated in the future release. If you don't have enough time to respond, say so there so they're aware.

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